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 Jackie is an accomplished producer, podcast host, author, musical theater performer and two-time Emmy Award winner. 


She is an interviewer and writer-producer for television and works in broadcast media for companies such as NBCUniversal and Conde Nast. She has a natural ability to get people to open up to tell their story in a way that inspires others. She is passionate about creating awareness to those who need it most through media. 

That is apparent on her popular podcast, That Girl The Podcast. Published for only six months it has already amassed over 50k downloads. 

In November of 2020 she released her first novel, That Girl: A Novel, a semi-auto-biographical romantic comedy about working in the music industry and coming of age in LA . 

Her popular home improvement and cooking YouTube series Reluctant Housewife has been running weekly and has over 250k views. You can find it at www.youtube.com/yourreluctanthousewife  

Jackie was a signed singer-songwriter-producer writing music for herself and film and tv. She has released two albums "Home" and "Jackie Brubaker and The Ex-Boyfriends".

While Jackie has released albums and continues to work with Koblat Music Publishing as a songwriter, in her past she had trained to be on Broadway


She experienced a traumatic #metoo event that happened in the musical theater world during high school that kept her away from doing what she loved, musical theater.


Trauma takes time to reveal itself and process. She has recently come back to musical theater after finding the healing she needed. She is a strong supporter of the #metoo movement and to people who have been through similar experiences.


You can watch her sing on her YouTube channel some of the greatest songs ever written as she makes her way back to where it all started.  


She loves her two twin tabby kittens, lazy Sundays and '65 Mustangs. 





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