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 Jackie is an accomplished entrepreneur, podcast host, author, human relationship coach, speaker, performer, producer, two-time Emmy Award winner and is currently in her masters degree to become a marriage and family therapist. 


She has a background as an interviewer and writer-producer for television and works in broadcast media for companies such as NBCUniversal and Conde Nast. She has a natural ability to get people to open up to tell their story in a way that inspires others. She is passionate about creating awareness to those who need it most through media. 

That is apparent on her popular podcast, Love You Even More with Jackie Brubaker that launched in 2021. In its first year it amassed over 100k downloads and continues to reach a loyal audience. Jackie brings on inspiring people to have informative and inspiring conversations on self-development, relationships, business and spirituality. Love You Even More with Jackie Brubaker can be found everywhere you get your podcasts or click here.

She is launching her new company Love You Even More Baby, a positive affirmation baby accessory line. Taking a page out of Dr. Emoto's famous water experiment each product will have positive affirmations written on it to help promote wellness within our babies bodies and our own. 


In this famous experiment Dr. Emoto spoke terrible words to one glass of water then in a separate glass of water spoke loving words to it. He then froze each glass and examined their ice under a microscope. What he saw was that the water with positive words created beautiful designs, while the ice that was spoken to with hurtful words had jagged harsh crystals. Our bodies are made up of 80% water. What we say to ourselves matters. Each accessory in Love You Even More Baby has positive affirmations on it. You can literally wrap your baby up in love that they not only feel on a subconscious level, but that you can feel every time you read it. It'll be launching around Valentines Day 2024! Learn more about it here

In November of 2020 she released her first novel, That Girl: A Novel, a semi-auto-biographical romantic comedy about working in the music industry and coming of age in LAThe novel launched a podcast of its own called That Girl: A Novel. Each chapter of the novel is read by Jackie and is free to listen to. Listen to it everywhere you get your podcasts or click here!

Jackie is currently in her masters program to become a marriage and family therapist, a passion and goal she's had since she was young. She is passionate about working with couples, families and individuals and is beginning to take on coaching clients while she is obtaining her degree. To learn more about coaching and how to work with her click here

Jackie is a musical theater, pop, jazz singer and actor. She was a signed as a singer-songwriter-producer writing music for herself and film and tv. She has released two albums "Home" and "Jackie Brubaker and The Ex-Boyfriends". Click here to listen to her albums. 

While Jackie has released albums and continues to work with Koblat Music Publishing as a songwriter, in her past she had trained to be on Broadway. You can watch her sing on her YouTube channel and here.

She has recently begun her speaking career, debuting at the She Who Wins Summit in Connecticut in 2022. She's excited to continue to tell her story and inspire others in her next speaking engagements.


Her popular home improvement and cooking YouTube series Reluctant Housewife has been running weekly and has over 300k views. It began after her successful bakery Brubakery closed. Brubakery was an alcoholic cupcake bakery and helped Jackie to win Food Network's Cupcake Wars. You can find it at  

She loves her two twin tabby kittens, lazy Sundays and '65 Mustangs. 





Jackie Brubaker
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